Translation Rules


1) Respect other users

Whilst this is a general rule of thumb for speaking with anyone on the internet, it is imperative to stress that you must always respect other users in all of your interactions on this site. You should be able to judge what this entails for yourself and abide by said rules, but for posterity, this means:

  • No aggressive/hostile behaviour
  • No uncomfortable behaviour
  • No repeated harassment

Ultimately, things not listed here may fall under the purview of staff, so if something is bothering you regarding someone's behaviour, you should contact a staff member.

2) You must be at least 15 years old to engage with this site

This is self-explanatory. A certain maturity level is expected from our users, and whilst there are exceptions, maturity comes with age for the most part. Please do not interact with the site if you are 14 or younger. Consequences may ensue if you lie about your age.


1) Always check to see if you are allowed to translate an article

It's always a possibility that some authors (or licensees) simply do not wish for their content to be translated in any way or by other people, which is a request that must be followed entirely. Before translating, always ask the authors or licensees if they are comfortable with their work being translated, and if none of the above are available, contact a staff member for guidance.

(All of this can be disregarded if you are the original author of an entry, but it still applies if there is a collaborator in the work)

Below is a list of all users who explicitly wish for their articles not to be translated on this site:

2) This site is for finished articles. Do not use this as a sandbox site!

Self explanatory, but this site, just like the main site and other branches, is not a sandbox. If your article is still a work in progress, use a sandbox site or an alternative means for writing drafts to store and edit it. This does not mean, however, that your article needs a greenlight, for it may be hard to find speakers of the language you are translating in that will correct your work (though if you can get someone to look it over, it would be better for the quality of both the article and the site).

3) Always give correct attributions

This goes for article authors, image authors, translators (this includes you), and any other people that need attribution. You must always give attribution in an article to anything that isn't inherently yours (the translation is yours, but the original article is not).

4) Tag correctly

All original works on this site must be tagged in line with the main site's tag policy, and all translated work must have all the original tags it had on its respective site, plus a specific language tag (i.e 'spanish' for articles translated in Spanish). The exceptions to this include contest tags, which are to be ignored since they are site specific.

Tags in another language must also be translated. In the case where a translation cannot be made (i,e a name that has accents used in the translated language, but not in English), then the tag is left as is.

5) Be aware of the site's license

The site operates by a CC BY-SA 3.0 license. All content on this site, be it written, image-based, logo-based, character-based, etc, falls under this license, with no exceptions.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License