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The Underrepresented Languages Incubator (hereafter referred to as the ULI for brevity) is a means for speakers of rare and niche languages to translate articles without having to go through all the nitty gritty parts of making a whole site to do so. This means that people can freely translate articles and post them somewhere, which would help in their efforts to gather other speakers of their language in hopes of beginning a new branch.

To start, you will obviously need to have created a translation or an article written in the language you wish to develop. Once that is done, go to the Translation Hub, and create a section for said language. Follow the instructions on the hub, create a new page, and post your article there. If the section for the language you translated in already exists however, all you will have to do is create the page, and if you wish to take your efforts to the next level, perhaps consider contacting the people who wrote/translated the rest of the articles under that section.

Start grouping up people, form a community of speakers of your language, and who knows? Maybe you'll be able to form a fully-fledged branch in the future!

Please abide by the Translation Rules when translating articles onto the site.

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